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Your most generous contribution today will help support, and equip our Brave men and Women of law enforcement. Back The Blue Foundation provides a multitude of personal and professional services.

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Key Foundation Functions

  • Provide emotional support through Peer to Peer Advocate Support to officers injured or disabled in the line of duty— providing lifesaving help, 24 hours a day, seven days a week through our Hotline number.

  • Help injured officers receive the emergency assistance they need and the benefits they deserve after a life-altering injury that can lead to PTSD and, even worse, suicide. Helping and completing required applications for hundreds of available grants and VA benefits to choose from.
  • Advocate for new legislation and Help positively change the future through officers’ engagement and direct associates with the Workman’s Compensation benefits program and the system that runs it, ensuring that officers are cared for right away in the entire wake of their severe injury and continued in support throughout the rest of their lives.

  • CODE-4 Total Wellness, including CAPERTM, is a program to assist officers and their families with the unique stresses our brave men and women suffer daily from unwarranted attacks and high crime violence in America.

  • Show the injured police veterans that they are still: Never forgotten and Never alone. We, the people, Back the Thin Blue Line.

  • We back The Blue by providing them with the latest in non-lethal weapons training to de-escalate most unruly crowds and face-to-face violent encounters.

Assaults on the Rise

  • With the unprecedented increase in violent crime in the United States,1 law enforcement responders (in addition to EMS and Fire2) now face a high risk of attack.

  • According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, a whopping 44 officers were killed in firearm-related incidents in 2020. This was a decrease of 33% from 2017, which saw the highest number of firearm-related deaths recorded since 2001. These officers were killed primarily with handguns and rifles. The 2021 shooting deaths included eight deaths in ambush-style shootings.1,3

  • Not only are law enforcement officers being shot at but they’re also being assaulted. In 2020, seven officers were beaten to death (vs. only two in 2019).3

  • In 2020, according to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) data, 57,180 officers were assaulted while performing their duties, 28.9% of them being injured as a result. Suspects used hands, fists, feet, etc., in a majority of these cases (31.4%), followed by firearms (11.9%), knives (10.8%), and other dangerous weapons (23.3%).4

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